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Melly (love u)
|Gender = Female

|Marital Status = Married |Occupation(s) = Nurse
|Nickname = Mel |Family = [[]] |Status = Deceased (2010) |First appearance = Pilot |Last appearance = Rest In Peace |Portrayed By = Zoe Ventoura |Eye Color = Dark Brown |Hair Color = Brown

'Melissa 'Mel'' Rafter (nee Bannon) was introduced in the first episode of season one, "Packed to the Rafters", when Dave goes to the hospital, and Mel is his nurse. In the next episode, "Playing a Googly", Carbo and Ben begin to look for a house mate to pay rent, and Mel applies and gets the position. She moves in with them, much to the horror of Dave, scared that Mel will recognise him, and spill of the delicate nature of why Dave went to hospital.

Season 1Edit

The relationship between Ben and Mel begin as a friendship, until Ben becomes attracted to her. In "Taking the Lead", Ben and Mel wake up in bed together, not remembering why or how. This rocks their friendship, because Ben now realises he wants to be more then friends, while the first thing Mel says is "We're housemates, Ben. This can't happen again. We're better off as friends. And Carbo can't know." Soon after, Mel is going out on a date with her friend from work, Heath, and Ben, not realising it's a date, offers to go with her. Mel doesn't know how to tell him, so she agrees. Ben soon realises the nature of her outing, so leaves the two, and goes to the bar for a drink. There we see Lauren, a girl who is being harrassed by a guy who obviously wants to go out with her, but she pushes him away saying "I have a boyfriend". The guy doesn't believe her, so she grabs Ben and kisses him. The guy leaves then, warning Ben to keep a better eye on his girlfriend. Lauren and Ben then begin seeing each other, and so do Mel and Heath. Mel and Ben agree just to be friends, now that they had both found someone. Lauren turns out to be a bitch though, and Mel turns down Heath.

Eventually Ben racks up the nerve to kiss Mel, and they agree to be together, as long as they take it slow.